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closed iron ore conveying plant

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Bauxite final products can be used in aluminium industry, precision casting for refractory products, aluminum silicate refractory fibre, manufacture alumina cement, abrasive materials, ceramic industry and chemical industry of aluminum compounds. Besides this, used the magnesia and bauxite clinker as raw material, add appropriate binder, used for pouring ladle the overall effect of ladle lining well.

The mill consists of regular modules and can be adapted to distinct needs when it comes to plant layout, mill drive, lining sorts and finish item specifications, as needed. Hence the power consumption with the mill ventilation fan is low.The ball mill has substantial through-flow areas, which permits it to operate with large volumes of venting air and also a low pressure drop across the mill.

The calcium carbonate manufacturing unit is equipped with crusher machine, grinding mills, classifiers, ultrafine mills, a coating machine for treating with stearic acid and packing machines. With Zenith grinding technology, huge blocks of calcium carbonate are put through a complex grinding procedure to produce a powder uniform in particle size. The calcium carbonate produced by the plant is commonly used as a filling material in the production of products such as paper, ceramics and rubber.

Large jaw crusher, the connecting rod bearing and the eccentric shaft bearing uses pressure circulating lubrication. Pressure oil through the filter and oil cooler, filter and get in before the cooling lubrication oil, to keep the oil clean and certain viscosity. In winter, it can be re used lubricating oil pre heating. When the pump has the sudden failure, due to the large swaying force, crusher needs 15 min--20 min to stop. Oil in the oil tank enters into the bearing lubrication by oil pressure. In addition, oil temperature heater. Then, they return to the oil tank from the oil return pipe pitch. It is driven by a motor gear pump (pump or other types of. Then we must give oil with hand pressure pump, the bearing lubrication and can not be burnt bearing accident. The lubricating oil flows into the oil collecting device.

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The Equipment Used in the Production Line

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