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construction waste crusher machine

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Saw-tooth wave series jigger is energy-saving gravity separation equipment developed and improved according to the law of layer theory of jigger bed stratification.The jigger is one of the devices of the modern gravity separation in the mining equipment. Its pulse curve is as saw-tooth waveform to make uprising water faster than the dropped water; enhanced the loose of bed, eased the inhaled role, so that heavy particles in the mineral can fully settlement, greatly improving the sorting capacity and recovery rate of equipment. It is widely used as a rough election or selection of sorting gold, tin, tungsten, titanium, hematite, coal and other minerals. For its large capacity and a wide range of sorting particle, simple operation and maintenance. Traditional jigger is mostly the eccentric drive jigger, which is not conducive to the loose of jigger bed and the proportion of stratification of mineral particles and affects the sorting and recovery equipment.

Belt conveyor delivers material to next stage and ensures the whole smooth process.Auxiliary Equipment: vibrating screen and belt conveyor are the integral auxility equipment in mining operation. Vibrating screen separates the different particle size.

Calcium carbonate powder plays an important role in many industries from agriculture to light and heavy industries, so the calcium carbonate powder grinding mill plant is necessary in production line.

Linear vibrating screen using four sets of block eccentric vibrator sieve box side plates, each equipped with two sets of vibrator. It can also use two vibration motor specifications of small linear vibrating screen, the exciting force size can be adjusted through the eccentric block to realize the angle.

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The Equipment Used in the Production Line

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