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sleeve eccentric for superior gyratory

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Iron sand has been widely used in the industry.Iron Sand: iron ( Fe ) in nature exist in the form of pure iron, do not exist in nature, iron ore is mainly divided into magnetite, hematite, limonite, three, these are the iron oxides, the difference is that they oxidizing method. Iron ore iron content in the higher the better, theory on iron ore in the highest content of iron in about 72%, the content of iron in 60% called the rich iron ore.


The coal crusher will get the large size coal materials into smaller size and the screening machine will separate them into different size and parts for further processing application.Coal processing plant for sale needs the crusher machine vibrating screen these two main machines.

It can be used as the ideal filter for iron concentrate, copper concentrate, sulphur concentrate, Ti concentrate and other non Ferrous Metal concentrate and nonmetal concentrate dewatering and tailing dewatering.ZPG Series Disk Vacuum Filters mainly used for solid-liquid separation with the vaccum as the filtering power.

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