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used iron crusher plant

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Now let’s learn something about the Raymond mill. And its main products are crushing series, industrial grinding series, ore dressing equipment, mobile crushing plant, washing and screen machine.Overview: Raymond Mill is a major production and export base of sand-stone and powder making machinery in china.

Between the mosaic block, there is ductile cast iron wear and it will form small grooves and increase the bite force of material. It can improve the grinding efficiency.On the ductile cast iron (HB320), this roller will be with high chromium cast iron block with enchasing dovetail groove in mechanical way. It has the following advantages: with the same material of high chromium cast iron, the mosaic block is higher than the overall casting roller hardness and it has good wear-resistant characteristics; the ductile cast iron has good opposite’s effects for the various stress diffusion in the grinding process. Even with the metal foreign bodies make mosaic block crack, it is hard to expand to the internal. The vertical mill will work more reliably.

and ensure the processing process is in safe and high grinding efficiency condition .Apart from these, you should check the machine in the regular time, clean up the mill itself, and replace the worn parts immediately to avoid affecting the capacity of super-micro mill.

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The Equipment Used in the Production Line

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